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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bakery owner in innovative energy initiative

A Sri Lankan private bakery owner has turned an environmental hazard into a winning proposition -- transforming waste material from the bakery into a source of energy. K.M.G.P.Kariyawasam, from Moragoda, Gampaha who runs Priyara Bakery (Pvt) Ltd which also supplies cooked food, in addition won an award for this innovative approach at a Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) event last week.
The awards were given under the CCC project, Promotion of Eco-Efficient Productivity (PEP) funded by the Netherlands Government. The project not only traces and monitors large scale production processes but also helps small entrepreneurs who have successfully implemented waste management projects that has helped them improve the productivity efficiency, elimination of waste disposal to the environment and saving use of fossil fuel.
Under the project, Mr Kariyawasam seeing the environmental pollution by discharging waste water to the neighbourhood got several large bio gas production tanks constructed and released all the affluent water to these tanks which now produces enough energy to three 12 ½ kg LP gas cylinders. Thw water also comes out as treated and is used to cultivate vegetable and fruits on a two acre plot.At the CCC event, the Gold award was won by Industrial Clothing Ltd, the Silver by Hotel Sygiriya and the Bronze by the Associated Motorways PLC.


Mind your own business

ContemptThe chamber-in-the-news finally ended the inquiry against its most powerful member clearing the latter after a dubious process. Now some are questioning whether the process borders on contempt of the Supreme Court.
Name changeSome guys at the group in the dumps still think they can raise their head above water and stand against the tide in doing business. They believe while the rest of the group is in troubled waters their brand is good enough to attract deposits and business. Wake up … the brand will take years to recover from its lost glory. If not why are the directors of many of the troubled companies hiding from the wrath of the public? Some are even contemplating changing the brand name.
Don’t be sureCocky they are … the banks that took the CPC for a ride. The dismissal of the petitions by the Supreme Court have given them new faith , vigour and vitality to recover millions of dollars in owned payments. But watch this space – the bad times are not still over for the one-sided dealing banks. There are also reports that the commission that frowns on bribes is preparing to question some of the ‘suspect’ bankers.